We began with 7 committees, as we met initial needs (for a mission statement, organizational structure, etc.), then we condensed into the following 4. We had 5 folks at our September meeting volunteer to serve as our current board. As we grow, we hope to expand our board and committees as well as post board meetings that will be open for public input. Also, if you're website savvy: hit us up! Please! ​

​Community Relations​ - This committee works to develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive effort to communicate with non-members about SI Pride's activities and goals, as well as presenting positive information about LGBTQIA people generally.

Finance​ - This committee works to develop a financial plan and structure for SI Pride to meet non-profit status requirements and maximum transparency. The plan would include realistic fundraising methods, as well as proposals for targeted affiliated beneficiaries (i.e., Rainbow Café; WDBX’s “Isn’t it Queer” program sponsor).

Member Communications​ - This committee works to develop, implement, and maintain an overall communication strategy for current and potential members, designed to encourage participation and expand membership.

Social Calendar - This committee works to develop a calendar of events, supplemental to the monthly organizational meetings, providing important opportunities for all members to strengthen individual and community relations through various social activities.