Mission Statement
This group unites and empowers individuals and organizations to support, educate, and celebrate the LGBTQ and allied community.

Vision Statement
We envision our organization leading the Southern Illinois LGBT community by upholding the following principles:

Welcoming, celebrating, and fostering friendships and community;
Challenging injustice and advocating for all marginalized people;
Championing for civil rights and holding ourselves and community accountable;        
Promoting a positive image of LGBTQI people; Creating an index of resources for our community and identifying supportive and non-supportive businesses and organizations;
Honoring and celebrating every individual’s intersecting (multiple) identities. (Race, gender, ability, class, etc;)
Making our group accessible and safe for every member as well as connecting with other organizations that serve other marginalized identities;        
Educating our members and our community about relevant issues.